HAIR CARE | Reduce hair loss

Healthy hair and scalp extract of natural herbs. helps restore hair and hair roots. with shampoo and tonic Absolute Herbal Hair Products from KENT ROMEO that we care about and invented to be. shampoo and tonic to nourish the hair and scalp. at premium level for optimal performance, use a combination shampoo + tonic to stimulate hair roots. keeps hair healthy. cut off Reduce fungus on scalp. fix hair and scalp problem as well ... Shop now !!!


1195.00 THB
KR - 011 Amber Foam Hair Shampoo 320 ml / KR Amber Foam Trendy
1290.00 THB
KR - 012 B&W Cold Hair Shampoo 320 ml / KR B&W Trendy
599.00 THB
KR - 013 Amber Foam Hair Shampoo 150 ml / KR Amber Foam Trendy