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To lift the skin effectively. And wrinkles. With an extract that will not irritate even the delicate skin. The skin of the skin is firm, The product range from KENT ROMEO is a product to help restore and nourish the skin. To return to freshness under the invention. The value of extracts. And the production process is standardized. To the value of our skin care products. It is a product of sustainable maintenance ... Shop now !!!


KR - 101 (Code: KR101)
549.00 THB
KR - 101 The Ultimate lifting serum 20 ml. ( ขนาดพกพา )
KR - 102 (Code: KR102)
1495.00 THB
KR - 102 The Ultimate Lifting Serum 50 ml ( ขนาดมาตรฐาน )